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Infant Program

Infancy and the early years are all about establishing selfhood and security through safe and loving bonds with others as well as maximizing the capacities of all five senses to interpret their environment. Creative Kids Learning Academy offers the very best in both essential domains of development - emotional and cognitive. Your child will be treasured by his or her caregivers, and will always feel secure and supported by loving hands. Our approach is attuned to his or her needs - physical, intellectual and emotional. Infants are fed, changed, and napped, on demand. Their naturally occurring personality traits are respected and accommodated.  Every child is a treasure and we are happy to care for them through every stage of development.           


Toddler Program 
​With toddlers, adventure is always afoot! The toddler program is a wonderland of opportunity to explore, discover, and encounter the world all in the spirit of good fun. Toddlers develop a remarkable sense of well-being, accomplishment, and independence at Creative Kids Learning Academy. Your child will learn about themselves and the world around them throughout the day.  Our toddler program is a great way to get your child ready for preschool. We believe that creative play, music, arts & crafts, circle time, and many more are all integral parts of the toddler experience. 

Preschool Program

​The Preschool curriculum offers days full of excitement and discovery. Using a fully individualized approach, children are exposed to the basic social and academic concepts that they will need for advanced instruction in Kindergarten and beyond. At Creative Kids, we never underestimate the capabilities of very young children to grasp, process and interpret information. As always, our preschool teachers work with children at their own pace and comfort level so that they finish each year achieving major cognitive milestones. The preschool classes are fully incorporated into the school environment, with access to special equipment such as playgrounds and walking paths suited for their age. Daily time outdoors allow play and interaction as well as breaks up the schedule of each busy day.                                                                            

Summer Program

Learn more under our Summer Camp Tab!


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